Scott Macartney

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Scott has always had a passion for sports, especially skiing.  Scott sees an opportunity in the fitness and training space: there is a lack of sport specific conditioning programs!  Some athletes prep with CrossFit, which can be good for an athlete with no injuries, but it still lacks a lot of lateral exercises that mimics the demands of skiing.  Others follow a printed program, but what happens when you don't know how to do a specific exercise properly?

Enter sport specific programing with video examples and progress tracking!

Content is built through an application to provide athletes the opportunity to work out more efficiently and effectively.

Don't know an exercise?- watch a video and read a description of how to do it properly! 

Timed and guided programs provide motivation- like taking your own personal class!  Voice prompts to tell you when to switch exercises and make sure you work with the right intensity!

See your whole week's workout plan, track your progress right in the app!

Scott teamed up with Tucker Hopp, ATC, CSCS to create ski specific training programs and content through an online application. Tucker has worked with athletes including Cy Young award-winning pitchers, MLB All-Stars, Super Bowl champions, MLS champions, members of the US Women’s National Soccer Team, Olympians and more. His philosophy of functional training coming from the rehabilitation side into the elite performance side makes him a unique fit for this partnership.

There are two program options to take advantage of this expertise.  Standard Programs  and Premium programs.  Both include all the premium content- the vidoes, tracking and progressive programming, built specifically for an athletes age, skill level, knowledge and available equipment.  Additionally, these programs are built specifically for your sport!

Premium programs take it a step further and are customized to each athlete and include  weekly check-ins and programing modifications.

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