On this page are program descriptions, a form to start building your custom program and below that, payment options for access.

Standard Programs are for athletes that want all the premium content- the vidoes, tracking and progressions, but are comfortable substituting exercises based on the specific equipment they have available and adjusting the program to their schedule. An online form will provide information so the appropriate program for their age, skill level, training knowledge and general equipment access is built.  Programs are customized to those factors for each athlete.

Premium programs are completely customized to each athlete and come with more support. This process starts with a set-up interview over phone or Skype. Customized programs come with weekly check-ins and programing modifications for your schedule so the progressions, loading and peaking are right for you.  If you have injuries to work around or other specific needs in your program, this is right for you!

Monthly vs Flat Rate are the two options for access. Monthly access is billed monthly and requires a paypal account for the subscription.  It's easy to create one during check out. Flat rate programs are available for a limited time and save you some money for access through the rest of the year.

Refund/Cancellation Policy is different by program type and access: Details Here

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